Contest for artists has been settled. Let's meet the winners of the 1st edition: ’Young art for the planet’

The results of the competition

Everything is now clear. From among several dozen submitted works, the jury of the competition organised by the 7R company and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw have selected the winners in three categories: ergonomic seat, mural for a fire tank and eco gadget.

The submitted works demonstrate an excellent understanding of ecological themes, they are all characterised by original ideas and expressive visual language. They present a clear point of view related to action against climate change and

care for the natural resources of our planet. This artistic voice of the younger generation is an inspiration for further initiatives for the Earth.

The competition ‘Technology. Ecology. Man. Coexistence’ is part of 7R Warehouse of art's ‘Young art for the planet’ initiative. It is an artistic and business event in line with the ESG objectives. The promotion of young artists and pro-environmental attitudes is a response to challenges in the Environmental and Social responsibility areas.

Competition winners by category

Ergonomic seat

1st prize - Marta Sowińska and Monika Żaczkiewicz
Title of the work: "Impositio - ergonomic segmented seating"

2nd prize - Natalia Lulek and Sebastian Zgutka
Title of the work: "Ergonomic seating based on parametric design"

3rd prize - Łucja Paszkowska
Title of the work: "Ergonomic seat with sedum"

Mural on a fire tank

1st prize - Dominika Sochacka
Title of the work: "Memento Mori"

2nd prize - Agata Włodarczyk and Katarzyna Biwald
Title of the work: "1. Drain. 2. Precious dew 3. Boiling matter"

3rd prize - Monika Nawacka
Title of the work: "The source of life"

Eco gadget

1st prize - Anna Gwiazda
Title of the work: "plan[ty]"

2nd prize - Jan Garstka
Title of the work: "Artificial nature PIXEL"

3rd prize - Jan Gonciarz
Title of the work: "Eco Gadget Antistress"

Congratulations to the winners and awardees. Thank you all for taking part in the competition. Let me invite you to take a look at the gallery of selected works.


7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’ is an art and business event with a sense of responsibility to the planet, to people and to business at its core.

The event is organized by 7R - an investor and developer, specializing in providing innovative warehouse and production facilities. 7R implements ecological and technologically advanced buildings of the future that have become an integral part of their surroundings.

The 7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’ initiative is one part of the company's pro-ecological approach to business. An important part of this project is a competition called Technology. Ecology. Human. Coexistence. 7R is inviting young artists to participate in this event which is organized in cooperation with the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

The competition is an opportunity to see how art can influence warehouses and how industrial spaces can inspire artists. As the competition’s name alludes to, the organizers want to put forward the idea that people, technology, and ecology can coexist harmoniously. It can also act as a catalyst to inspire the artistic expression of the younger generation to produce interestingly applied art projects which focus on such ideas as natural resources respect, human well-being, and technology conducive to the protection of nature.

The winning projects will be presented during the 7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’, which will be organised in Warsaw in the second half of 2022.

We have been delivering warehouse and production facilities to the market for a number of years. In our buildings we implement innovative, environmentally friendly solutions, because we believe that business should take responsibility for the environment in which it operates. When planning the future of our operations, we want to listen to the voice of the young generation. This is why we invite students and graduates of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts to participate in the competition.

Tomasz Lubowiecki

Founder and Chairman of the Board at 7R

Art must address topics that are important to contemporary man. The competition should result in pro-ecological, creative solutions that respond to contemporary needs, and which can be used in the long term. This is extremely important in the context of respecting the planet's resources.

prof. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz

Vice-Rector for External Cooperation and the Promotion of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. 


7R in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw invites you to participate in the Technology. Ecology. Human. Coexistence, competition, which is part of the 7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’ event. To enter the competition you must be a student or a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and under 35 years of age. To win financial rewards in each category: first - 15,000 PLN, second - 10,000 PLN, third - 5,000 PLN.

The competition’s task is to create a project of applied art with an ecological theme in one of three categories: ergonomic seating, a mural for fire protection water storage tank and an ecological advertising gadget for 7R.

Entries must be submitted by April 15, 2022 via the form available here. Details of the competition along with the rules and regulations are available here.

Technology. Ecology. Human. Coexistence

The projects should focus on the values of 7R:

respect for natural resources

human well-being and health

the development of technology that fosters nature conservation.


Each participant of the competition may submit their projects in any number of categories. The awarded and honored projects will be presented on the website and during the 7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’ event, which will summarize the competition and present the latest trends in design and pro-ecological industrial construction.

It will take place in Warsaw in the second half of 2022.
The submitted entries have a chance to be implemented according to the rules of the competition.

Ergonomic seating

Design of an ergonomic bench to be located in a green, uncovered rest area in a 7R warehouse park. The jury will take into account: unconventional design, form compatibility with human physiognomy, environmental friendliness, and durability of materials.

Mural for a fire protection water storage tank

A draft of a design for a mural on a fire protection water storage tank located on the premises of the 7R warehouse park. The theme of the mural should refer to the idea of respecting water resources. The jury will evaluate the message of the project as well as the environmental friendliness and durability of the materials.

7R eco-friendly gadget

Preparing a project for an original advertising gadget for 7R company, connected with such areas as: technology, ecology, architecture, functionality, dynamism. The entry will be judged on its design, concept, ecology, and durability of materials.

until April 15, 2022

closing date for applications

until May 31, 2022

the final results of the competition

with a list of the winners will be published on the website
2H 2022

7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’

an art and business event will be held in Warsaw and will include the vernissage of competition works

In each of the categories, the jury will select the three best works. The authors of the winning projects will receive financial rewards. Their amount is the same in all three categories:

1st prize

15,000 PLN

2nd prize

10,000 PLN

3rd prize

5,000 PLN

The winning projects of the competition Technology. Ecology. Human. Coexistence. will be chosen by a seven-person jury. The jury consists of representatives of the organizer – 7R SA company and representatives from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Tomasz Lubowiecki

Founder and Chairman of the Board at 7R SA
An entrepreneur for over 20 years. Founder of 7R, one of the leaders in the Polish warehouse market.

dr Katarzyna Dorocińska

Head of Marketing & Communication at 7R SA
Katarzyna’s 25 years of experience in graphic design, PR and marketing, has been gained in Poland, Great Britain, and Russia.

Łukasz Jachna

Chief Capital Markets Officer, Member of the Board at 7R SA
Łukasz is a member of the management board of 7R, where he heads the Capital Markets department. An expert with many years of experience in building the company's investment

prof. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz

Vice Rector for External Cooperation and the Promotion of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
He is creatively active in the field of artistic photography. He has realized many original photographic projects, such as: Family Portrait, Persistence of Space

prof. Tomasz Milanowski

Dean of the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
A graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1998). He studied in the studios of Professors Stefan Gierowski and Jarosław Modzelewski.

dr hab. Bazyli Krasulak, prof. Uczelni

Dean of the Faculty of Interior Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Bazyli Krasulak designs visual identification for companies, institutions and products, visual information, websites and portals, direct mail.

dr Magdalena Małczyńska‑Umeda

Assistant Professor at the Studio of Basics of Visual Communication at the Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Magdalena Małczyńska-Umeda is a lecturer at the Studio of Basics of Visual Communication at the Faculty of Design. Co-founder of the Association of Applied Graphic Designers


Warehouses open to the arts

7R Warehouse of art ‘Young art for the planet’ is another opportunity for 7R and art to meet. An earlier opportunity for art and industrial interiors to complement each other was an exhibition of graphics, "3x7R", by an outstanding Kraków-based artist, Anna Sobol-Wejman. It is a series of works that was not only presented in a warehouse, but drew inspiration from this space.

In November 2019, a warehouse in the 7R Park Kraków logistics park in Kokotów near Kraków, was transformed into a gallery for a day. The industrial interiors’ simplicity and cleanliness meant that the visitors were not distracted, with art being able to take center stage. The "3x7R" collection is made up of three parts, each consisting of seven prints made using the etching technique. The opening of the works, inspired by magazines, was the first event under the 7R Warehouse of Art banner to combine art and business. The originator and initiator of the project is Tomasz Lubowiecki, Founder and Chairman of the Board at 7R SA.

About Author

Anna Sobol-Wejman is a painter and graphic artist whose works can be found, among others, in the collections of the National Library in Warsaw, Graphishe Sammlung Albertina in Vienna, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Musee des Beaux Arts in Chambery, France.